A human-machine interface Plus 2
A human-machine interface (HMI) technology for vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functionality.
KYBURZ, Switzerland
˙ React, Redux, Leaflet
˙ roslibjs, ros3d, three. js
˙ ROS nodes in Go, Python and C++
˙ L2TP, SSH, VNC to access the robot
˙ Docker, Ansible
˙ Figma
7bits, Russia, Omsk
Porting and adapting the existing HMI to the new vehicle and API

Creating linkage mechanism for trajectories that were recorded with the odometry frames different from GPS

Creating a real-time panel that displays the current vehicle state: speed, battery charge, odometer, blinkers
and light indicators, errors, etc
Creating AR interface that displays the current route, obstacles, and points of interest

Creating special functionality to use the vehicle
for a postal delivery

Remote debugging and testing on the real vehicle
New platform
Within the project we ported the Autonomous Route Management system from eT4 in its entirety to the Plus2 Platform
Plus 2
A real-time panel
Located at the top of the screen and displays the current vehicle state: speed, battery charge, odometer, blinkers and light indicators, errors, etc
AR interface
We developed a new user experience component with some AR elements overlapping features on top of camera images
Postal deliveries
The vehicle can be used for postal missions. The interface shows a trajectory of deliveries, information about each point and parcel
Video presentation
Look at our other projects
Look at our other projects