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Full cycle
mobile development
for startups
web and
web and mobile development
We provide appropriate service
for any stage of startup lifecycle
How we work?
When the product is proved by the market and you have sales
We can be your fully dedicated development team, who create and grow web and mobile applications, make them scaleable, fast and useful for your customers.
When you are creating
an MVP for early adopters
We develop and change a product following customer needs: create wireframes/mockups/design of the user interface, implement features to make business value.
When you are testing value propositions and conversions
We work with you on creating landing pages, next and next versions for different channels, better addressing customers needs, help you to test main hypotheses first, minimize time and cost for every try.
We help you create the first hypothesis about the potential target audience and their needs and create a business model based on the Lean way.
When you just have an idea
You can get into our company through courses and internship. We invite the best students to join the bits team! You can also take a student internship at 7bits.
Career at 7bits
If you have any questions, please contact us by email admin@itlft.ru or call 89136019865.
Books we read and recommend
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For right growing up