Mobile application for booking vehicles
This application is designed to book vehicles, review previous trips, report incidents and review statistics of eco trail and safety driving
2020 – now
Vehicle reservation process with guided check-in / check-out
Keyless access to the vehicle with the Bluetooth device
Vehicles search using QR scan
Permission management
Trip player for interactive trip review on the map
Multi-language support with Dynamic Data
Widgets dashboard with user and company statistics and metrics
App publication in TestFlight, App Store and Google Play
Incident management
White label app and fast re-branding
Native notifications
Tech stack
React Native
About the application
Main screen with future reservations and vehicle search
You can use filtering to find a suitable vehicle with needed properties
Before making a reservation user can see all information about the vehicle and review the list of current incidents
Vehicle skeleton
Vehicle skeleton allows to review current incidents and report a new one if needed
Custom calendar shows free and booked time slots for every car
Custom calendar
After confirming the reservation, we can view all information about it with the possibility of changing
If the car has a Bluetooth device for keyless access it can be opened right from the app.
And during the trip, all information about the trip and route is visible
Trip screen and keyless access
Travel information
After the trip is over, all data about the trip is collected and shown in charts on the dashboard. It's important for the users and companies to track eco impact and status of safety driving
Atomic design
Flexible right handling — depending on the user's permissions, two different versions of the application are opened: incidents only or incidents with reservations
Working with the phone's built-in capabilities: camera, files, location, Bluetooth
Publishing an application with a single command using Fastlane.
It includes: version incrementation, commit and tag creation, application settings configuration, making build, sending the build to the store
The app is published on Google Play and App Store
Quality Assurance
Customer requirements analysis and documentation
Maintenance of the project knowledge base
Smoke testing, regression testing, configuration testing
Accessibility testing, localization testing and usability testing
App failure analysis based on Google Play and App Store statistics