ThoughtLeadr provides an advertising platform which allows to create and publish native ads.
The platform allows to create easily and quickly fully customizable native ads for both web and mobile applications and supports different media types: posts, links, video and images.

ThoughLeadr has its own ad server where ads are processed. The project also has analytics tools which provide different metrics required for publishers and advertisers.
  • Implement and support application which is needed by advertisers to create and configure native ads
  • Integration with ad server by providing required REST API functionality
  • Video processing using Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • Integrating with Amazon S3 (saving images, videos etc.)
  • Scrape reports from different DSPs
  • Run daily tasks for scraping data using AWS Lambda
  • Show different reports' charts
Tech stack
  • HTTP API using Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, Nginx, Docker
  • HTML5, ES6, React, Nuclear. js, Webpack, Babel, jQuery, SCSS
  • Integration with AWS (S3, Lambda, Elastic Transcoder)
  • Implementing charts using d3. js and chart. js
  • API documentation using Swagger
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