Fleet Eco Drive
Fleet Eco Drive promotes economic driving style and motivates the driver sustained, aware and to go ahead.
˙ RESTful API with Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Nginx
˙ OpenAPI (Swagger) specification
for RESTful API
˙ Functional tests with Py.test
˙ Docker containers for local development
˙ Deploy with Ansible
7bits, Russia, Omsk
This is the old version of design. The new design is under development
• Check security permissions of all API endpoints;

• Automate deployment;

• Make old Flask app more Pythonic.

• Parse drivers stats from web reports instead of emails;

• Accurate and fast parsing of speed limits for vehicles history in OpenStreetMap (OSM);

• Write tests for API endpoints and parser of external services;

Economical style of driving
The Fleet Eco Drive fully supports an economical style of driving and motivates the driver to drive sustainably, consciously and proactively in anticipation of what is happening on the roads.

Reports about the quality and method of driving are transmitted to the driver. The constant self-check leads to an improvement in the quality and method of driving. As an incentive system, this process creates a healthy sense of competition amongst the team.

Proactive, economical driving can result in savings of >10% of the operating costs while maintaining the same level of productivity.
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