Service for online psychological assistance and coaching. The clients and specialists can conduct a session using internal video chat. The service uses an internal currency, a calendar for schedules of client/specialist, an internal chat and the system of work with session orders. On this project we worked with simple tasks, like making a layout using HTML/CSS, and complex ones, like smart and dynamic forms and addition of payment systems for withdrawals and refill of account balance. Also we connected main service with wordpress blog.
  • Implementation of back-end and front-end parts for video chat using
  • Implementation operations with internal currency and work with payment systems for withdrawals and refilling of an account balance
  • Work with a calendar for schedules, users profiles, sessions etc.
  • Implementation of a notification system
  • Making layouts and dynamic forms
  • Creating WordPress blog and connecting it with the main service
  • Connecting with social networks
Tech stack
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React, Redux, ES6
  • Java, SmartActors, PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • WordPress
  • Yandex.Money API, PayPal API, VK API, Facebook API
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