An online magazine for fashion.
7bits, Russia, Omsk
The main page of the site
Articles about people in fashion, for example photographers and stylists. The main issue was
that a customer wanted to create a very interactive
and innovative UI and it was the year 2012!

No ready-to-use solutions and frameworks.
Some design and web-companies rejected this project because of no belief in success.

But we decided to get aboard! We created our own photo gallery similar to Japan screens, own parallax scrolling to make text and photos scrolling with different speeds to finish at the same time.

Our customers were editors and journalists.
The collaboration and startup spirit were inspiring. Awesome days, thanks to all the team!

Our customers created a content for 6 numbers and then unfortunately the magazine was closed, but we still love it.
Our most lovely issue of the magazine is the first one about Japanese fashion and culture
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