The posted link always works! Service for control where the link leads to: creation of a short and understandable address, redirect at any time, conversion statistics.
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About project
The idea of the service belongs to our friend, Maxim Dorofeev, a personal and team productivity coach, and an IT project manager in large companies in the past.
In 7bits, we use whenever we send a link to the outside world: registration for courses and events, company information. The service insures us from mistakes and makes us more flexible — at any moment we can change what the user sees.
Maxim faced the problem that the link on the box contained a critical error. The entire large print run had to be reprinted.
Maxim Dorofeev
Author of the books "Jedi Techniques"
and "The Way of the Jedi",
productivity specialist, trainer
A long URL is not always nice and appropriate to use, for example, if it needs to be printed. In, you can set a suitable name for the promo link and add the address where it should lead. Turn it on, it's done!
Short and clear link
The business needs may change, new ideas may appear, and the entry point through the link will remain the same.
With, you can change the direction of the link at any time and as many times as you want. To do this, add a new target URL in the promo link editing mode and turn it on as the main one.
Users redirection
When something changes we can redirect users. Or we can just disable the link. In the promo link editing section, we use the "Turn on/Turn off" button.
Link time is under control
It may include the name of your company, which adds confidence that everything will be fine when the user clicks on it
Company name in the link
The online address of the site, the place of its placement
on the Internet
Displays which protocol the browser should use
The path to the page
in your link structure
Path on the server
The free service organizes work with links so that you don't worry about anything
Keep links under control with