Team associative online game based on the board game "Shadows. Amsterdam"
• Java, TypeScript
• React.js, Redux
• SmartActors
• PostgreSQL
• Nginx
• Gitlab CI
• TestNG, Postman, REST Assured
7bits, Russia, Omsk
The playing field has the shape of a hexagon with hexagonal cells. There are two teams interacting in the game, each consisting of a doctor and neurons. Moving around the map is based on associations with pictures on the map.

The goal of the game is to have time to collect all the control points faster than the other team.

• Implementation of user role selection

• Implementation of the moves of each team in real time

• Pseudorandomly generated map for each individual game.

• Multiplayer mode — the ability to create and join different rooms for games

• Interface adaptability for browsers of both mobile and desktop devices

• Writing automated API and UI tests
Choose a team and your role
Choose a team and your role
Get a team and find out who gets to the key memories first
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