7bits, Russia, Omsk
Service for convenient meeting room booking here and now
Java, SmartActors
HTML5, CSS3, React, Redux Toolkit, TypeScript, Ant Design
  • Create an interface for graphic tablets that allows you to view the status of meeting rooms and book any in one or two clicks

  • Create interface for mobile applications that allows you to view the schedules of each meeting

  • Integrate Google Calendar into the application to display user events
the project
Company employees often face the case when they urgently need a meeting room for a spontaneous meeting. You need not just to find an empty room, but also to notify other employees that the room is busy.

Therefore, we needed a tool that facilitates and accelerates this process.
Tablet version
A user books a meeting room in one click by choosing a duration of the meeting
There is an E-Ink tablet near each meeting room with information about meetings for the current day
If the current meeting room is busy, it is possible to view a schedule of other rooms, and also book a free room by choosing a duration of the meeting
After choosing the duration, the user can book a free room right away
Mobile version
There is a version of the site for mobile devices, which has more functionality:
Schedule for the following days
Ability to edit events
Create a meeting for a longer period and at any time
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