iOS application for obtaining data on the state of the cardiovascular system. It works with a special device that connects via bluetooth.
7bits, 2024
Competitor analysis
Concept development
Reworking User Flow
Design development
Pulse measurement
The user's metrics are measured on this screen. To start measuring, the reader must be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
Calibration takes place first, and the screen is in the appropriate state. When the calibration is successful, a measurement is started, the result of which is a measurement type.
Measuring tape
Here are the complete result of one measurement; there is a basic parameter —
the functional state, the parameters from which it was calculated.
There are also other types of data on this screen, most of which are presented in the form of graphs with transcripts and additional information.
Here are the measurement history. You can see how the functional status indicator has changed and go to your previous measurements.
Different Types of Research
In addition to data on the functional state, special algorithms provide other types of information. These data are presented in the form of graphs with transcripts and explanations.
7 types of research
Spectrum diagram
Confidence diagram
Matrix of neurohumoral regulation