Connectivity MT
An admin web application for monitoring the IoT devices in real-time.
There is a dashboard with the most important information: charts displaying the key metrics, a map displaying the devices and their states.
• React, Redux, Typescript
• Mapbox
• Ant Design
• Nivo charts
• Jest, React testing library
7bits, Russia, Omsk
Worldsensing, Spain
• Displaying devices on the map

• Displaying data with charts

• Creating responsive UI for admin application

• Filtering devices displayed on the map by their type or status

• Sorting devices in a table by any of their characteristic

Filter Devices
It's easy to filter devices
displayed on the map
The application is adapted for any screen sizes so that it’s possible to monitor the dashboard wherever you are
Adding new devices
The application provides simple and safe way for adding new devices under control
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