Backoffice tools
An admin web application for setting up a real-time updating dashboard that displays information about different spheres of life in a city
• RESTful API: Python, Eve, Flask, pytest
• DBs: PostgreSQL, InfluxDB
• React, Redux, Typescript
• Material UI
7bits, Russia, Omsk
Worldsensing, Spain
• Creating external UI components library

• CRUD for life sphere entities

• Creating a system of remote control for real-time dashboard

• Sorting spheres with drag and drop

An opportunity to sort spheres with drag and drop gives a simple way to change the order
The application allows creating new spheres and editing existing ones
The settings block allows administrators to change city credentials and upload a new logotype for it

KPI Dashboard

All the settings from the admin application applies to the external real-time KPI Dashboard
The application is adapted for any screen sizes so that it's possible to manage the dashboard wherever you are
UI components library
Within the project, we've been working also on creating a UI components library based on Material UI that allows us to create a unique product style
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