DNS Filter

A cloud-based SAAS DNS service for organizations of all sizes which filters DNS requests by the specified policy and blocks access to the undesirable content on the Internet.
The domains blocking policy can be based on domain names and wildcards, a category of the domain content and other criteria.

The user of the system may define his networks and the policies and can watch metrics like the number of blocked domains per time interval, top blocked domains and categories and more.
  • Processing of UDP DNS requests.
  • High load: scales to support any amount of requests per second.
  • Distributed system: DNS servers are located close to the clients worldwide.
  • Caching of complex data (policies).
  • Categorizing of domains.
  • Storing the logs and metrics per each DNS request.
Tech stack
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React, Redux, ES6
  • Java, Kotlin, Vert.x, Spring, Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL, ClickHouse
  • Ansible, Docker Compose
Tim Adams, Olivia Adams, Anna Tarasenko and Eugene Tarasenko
Dallas, Texas
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